New Era Professional Painters are your go-to for all your residential and commercial repainting in and around Kelowna, BC.

Commercial Projects

New Era has a separate crew for our commercial projects that are dedicated to quality and professionalism.

Whether a multi-family complex, or a commercial or industrial business, we have a system that works so well that project managers and contractors just love it! We work with other trades and their schedules in order to be always on time and make every deadline. Again our prep work is second to none, which allows us to keep costs low. We also have special pricing for paint for our commercial jobs that lowers price even more.

We ensure to follow all WCB safety regulations and we practice proper social distancing guidelines. Our commercial team makes everything painless but in the end your left with a clean worksite and a professional job done on time. Call us now for a free quote, you wont be dissapointed.

New Era Professional Painters has a specialized crew for commercial and multi-family projects