New Era Professional Painters are your go-to for all your residential and commercial repainting in and around Kelowna, BC.

Interior Repaints

When it comes to painting the interior of your home or building, New Era should be your number one choice. We specialize in bringing old dated looks into a new era. With the right preparations and some modern colors, we can transform your space into exactly what your vision might be.

We go above and beyond in our prep work to maximize the life of the surface we paint, so you're left with a perfect paint job that is clean and affordable. We leave you with a paint list of the colors and products we use so you can use in the future for any touch ups or future painting. Our team of professionals are painters you can trust in your home and they are friendly, informative and accommodating to your specific needs and because of covid we take the necessary precautions if needed when it comes to social distancing and wearing masks when needed.